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New PSHB Tree List has been published


The following chart represents the survey resulting in trees being classified as reproductive host trees. PSHB REPRODUCTIVE HOST Trees

21 tree species have been identified as “Reproductive Hosts” within South Africa and evidence of PSHB has been found in 151 trees species within South Africa.

Download the full report PSHB List of Trees - ThumbNail

Congratulations to the winners of our Tree Survey Competition

Thanks you to our Tree Survey users who reported trees suspected of having the Shot Hole Borer. We received 153 reports of which we were able to verify 114 that were attributed to PSHB.

Winner of the April / May 2019 competition are:

Howard Drakes – Arborist Consultation and Treatment in Gauteng
Tracy Frayne – Arborist Consultation and Treatment in Gauteng
Claire Winterton – Arborist Consultation in Cape Town
Chad Fairclough – Arborist Consultation in Durban
Gavin Margrate – Arborist Consultation in Garden Route
Katharina Grimm – PSHB War Chest
Gill Fordyce – PSHB Workshop


A big thanks to all our competition sponsors:




Tree Survey – Report the Shot Hole Borer

This horrible bug has invaded South Africa and is wiping out our trees..!!

polyphagous shot hole borer PSHB


We made a 2 minute video that summarizes the problem…. has everything that you need to know about  the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB)….


The “Tree Survey” App has been developed to fight this bug….


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Download the Tree Survey Mobile App – report the shot hole borer in your area now..!!

With “two pics and one click“, we can report every case of shot hole borer for government action now..

Tree Survey - Action against PSHB Tree Survey Mobile App - Action against PSHB


This app allows PSHB infestations to be reported with “two pics and one click“. Reporting the infestation allows the spread of the PSHB to be measured and tracked. Local organisations are then  automatically notified and appropriate action can be taken.

Just “two pics and one click” of a button..     DONE..!!

We want two pics of every tree:

One close up pic of the bark showing the beetle hole
One pic of the whole tree

We need to fully notify government of the magnitude of this devastating invasion of this bug.


Check out the Tree Survey mobile app step by step “How To Guide”


Visit for more information on Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB)


Danger Tape that is used to wrap dead public trees that have been reported to City Parks using the "Tree Survey"? mobile app.
Danger Tape that is used to wrap dead public trees that have been reported to City Parks using the “Tree Survey”? mobile app. Contact us if you need tape to use in your area – each roll is 100m long and the template print is 30cm x 40cm.


Shot Hole Borer National Distribution Forecast

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PHSB) Four-Year Forecast of Urban Tree Infestation in South Africa

This paper uses current actual distribution of Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PHSB) within South Africa to provide a four-year forecast of how this invasive pest will spread in the urban environment.

PSHB Forecast Distribution Map SA - 2022
PSHB Forecast Distribution Map SA – 2022


Download the full PDF report here:



Shot Hole Borer

This tree survey platform has been established to provide reporting on the infestation of Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer within South Africa. All reporting channels get loaded into a centralised database that provides reporting to stakeholders which allows them to respond to the problem.

The mobile phone app is oriented towards people who want to report infestations and request help from City Parks or private service providers – each reported incident receives in-app feedback.

You can also report the shot hole borer using WhatsApp.


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